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Option A
This is a starter website, maybe you don't need a full website, only want to publish a page for a upcoming event, worship service, conference, special meeting or musical. we will design a simply page at affordable price to meet that need.
Option B
This is website is for the church or ministry that wants to place a website online to inform and grow your ministry. with capability of adding such online features as live online video and audio streaming
Each website we build is done with a simple structure that enables you to have room to add pages for ministries of church such as Women's Ministry page, Men's Ministry Page, Youth and Children Ministry page, to help highlight each ministry on a separate webpage.
Live Audio and Video Only
Can be done in same manner as option A, this will be only one page setup for only Live audio and Video.
1. Stay in the forefront of technology trends and the future of Internet

2. Showcase your Ministry or Business

3. Share your content with Social Media
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