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Favor Network

Favor Network is a family owned business that treats each and every individual client as if they were apart of our family. 

Favor Network was founded by Rev. Parrish Moorman in June of 2011 and through the vision of Favor Network, we were looking to reach out to the small and medium size churches to help with their website needs, due the high price of developing websites, we came up with a more economical way of allowing them to reach the masses through a website. 

Favor Network began to search other ways of helping small and medium size churches and through this search Pastors Chat was born and in December of 2011 we had our first online Talk Show Pastors Chat (Planting Seeds for a Secure Future) our goal was to bring pastors on show and give them a opportunity to talk about their personal ministry and ministry of the church which aired Tuesday December 13, 2011 at 8pm from the sanctuary of St. Joseph Baptist Church. first guest was Rev. Greg Austin, Pastor of New Day Ministries International. God really blessed us in a short time to have many guest pastors and ministries on the show. Pastors Chat continues to Aire each Tuesday evening at 8pm.

Through much prayer God allowed us to feel the need to inform His people of Murders in the City of Chicago and through that feeling God blessed us with our second Internet Talk Show “Murder in the City" and the first showed aired Monday April 16, 2012 at 7:30pm.

Favor Network in June of 2012 expanded its outreach to churches by purchasing a National Internet Channel through Global Digital Network a National Video and Media Company, that we may continue to reach out to small and medium church and offer more visual and media service at a affordable price.

November 2013, Favor Network partnered with Streaming Media Hosting to upgrade to a higher level of quality service.

We are economical and affordable way to take your church or ministry into areas of Favor you didn’t even know existed for you.

God has placed great opportunities in front of the this Company and to God be the Glory.